Making Your Trees Look Amazing

The Emerald Ash Borer: A Guide for Owners of Ash Trees

Ash trees are known for their straight trunks, diamond-patterned bark, and compound leaves. They can be quite beautiful, and they often make nice shade trees once they are established. However, if you have an ash tree on your property, it’s important that you know about one of the biggest threats to your tree’s health: the […]

Does Your Pine Tree Have Pine Wilt Disease?

Pine trees can give any yard a rustic, homey vibe. That is, as long as they stay healthy. One serious disease that can affect pine trees is called pine wilt. If you have pines on your property, it’s important that you know how to detect and deal with this parasitic condition. What causes pine wilt? […]

How To Prune A Lilac To A Tree-Form

Lilacs appear to come in two varieties – the natural shrub-like hedge forming type and the type that grows as a tree. Actually, these are both the same plant, the different shapes are simply from trimming in a particular way. If you prefer lilac trees to lilac bushes, the following tree trimming guide can help […]

3 Insects That Infest And Damage The Flowering Dogwood

Looking for a small ornamental tree with brilliant colors and the ability to draw birds and butterflies to your yard? Look no further than the flowering dogwood, which has clusters of bright white flowers, vibrant green fruits, and shiny red fruits that attract birds and butterflies. The dogwood can unfortunately also attract some insects, so […]