How Lack Of Fertilization Affects Your Tree

You may not think of your trees needing fertilization like your lawns, but they do. Trees have roots that reach deep into the soil. They can often find extra nutrition this way. But there is a limit to how far they can go. If your soil is not in good shape, your tree could become malnourished and weakened. 

Knowing the first signs of a malnourished tree will ensure you can help it before it is too late. Here is more information about the signs of malnutrition and how a tree service can help.

Reasons Fertilization Is Important

Like animals, trees require a variety of nutrients. These nutrients are usually common in soils in natural woodlands. However, trees in urban areas may not have an abundance of them. Trees need minerals and nutrients like nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

When one or more nutrient is lacking, the tree cannot grow properly or make its food. For example, trees that lack access to sulfur may have trouble reproducing. Lack of phosphorus can cause root problems. It can also affect leaf and fruit growth. Calcium strengthens the tree and helps support the cells.

Signs Your Tree Is Nutrient Deficient

The first thing you may notice in a nutrient-deficient tree is a change in the leaves. While some leaf shedding is normal, you shouldn't see much in the spring and summer. The tree leaves may appear less green or even yellow. A magnesium-deficient tree may have orange or light green leaves. If your tree gets plenty of water and sun and still looks sick, the problem may be the soil nutrients.

After a while, you may notice more bare and dead branches. New leaves may be smaller. Your tree may not grow normally. The fruit and flowers it grows will be minimal. In some cases, you will see abnormality in the fruits, like premature rotting. Your tree may produce more gum than usual.

Consequences of Severe Tree Malnutrition

Your tree cannot fight diseases and pests when it lacks key nutrients. If parts of your tree die, it could attract insects and damaging fungi that weaken the tree further. The tree could die from these problems without intervention. Fortunately, correcting the conditions in the soil will help the tree recover.

Fertilization is important to trees as well as other plants, especially if they are in poor soil. A residential tree service can keep an eye on your tree for any problems. They will likely see the first signs of malnutrition. They can choose one of many fertilization methods best suited for your tree. For more information, contact a residential tree service company.

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