5 Reasons A Tree May Not Be The Right Fit For Your Yard

Sometimes it's necessary to remove a tree even if it isn't suffering from any obvious problems or dieback. The following are a few reasons why a tree may not be suitable for your yard.

1. Size at Maturity

The expected mature size of a tree can mean it's not well suited to a space. Trees that are expected to grow 30 feet tall, for example, aren't well placed if they are planted below power lines that are only 20 feet above the ground. The spread of the tree can also be a problem. If the crown is expected to send out branches over a large area that will have them scraping the roof or swiping against the siding, then removal should be considered.

2. Building & Structure Proximity

A common concern is the effect on tree roots growing near house foundations, sewer lines, or pavement. The roots can put pressure against these things that will result in a cracked foundation, root-filled sewer line, or cracked and lifting sidewalks. The distance necessary between a tree and a structure varies depending on species, but at least 15 or so feet should separate them if you want to avoid potential damage.

3. Fruit & Leaf Fall

Messy trees can be frustrating to manage. Too much leaf fall can result in back-breaking raking over several weeks. Trees that produce a lot of fruit pose a few challenges, including the need for constant cleanup as well as dealing with the stains left by the fruit and the animal pests that the fruit attracts. If dealing with the mess becomes too much, then removing the tree will help.

4. Water Requirements

With more areas suffering from drought and water shortages, the importance of planting trees suited to the climate and water availability has never been more important. If your tree requires constant irrigation to survive, consider replacing it with a variety better suited to your local climate and water availability.

5. Shading Issues

Shade is often a reason to plant trees, but it can also be a reason to have them removed. Overly large shade trees can make growing a garden or even a lush lawn nearly impossible. Another issue is when evergreen trees are planted for summer shade, but they continue to block out winter sunlight so that your home remains dark and chilly all season long. You can always opt to replace the removed tree with a variety that is better suited to the space so it doesn't over-shade the yard.

Contact a tree removal service if you have a tree that should be removed because it doesn't fit into the landscaping. 

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