4 Important Reasons Not To Skip Residential Tree Trimming Services

Homeowners may be proud of having trees on their property. However, they might not know the importance of taking care of them. There are a variety of tree services and tree trimming is one of them. Some homeowners may assume that trimming is unnecessary. Trees may appear to be healthy but have issues. The following points identify key reasons tree trimming services are essential. 

Decay and Disease

The bark of a tree at ground level can be deceiving. This is why some homeowners mistakenly think that they do not need tree trimming services. The upper portion may have branches that are decaying or diseased. This can spread to other areas of the tree. Some tree diseases are contagious to other trees, which is why it is important to get routine tree services to identify disease and decay. Trimming involves removing branches and limbs that are dead or diseased.

Falling Branches Risk

Large branches may break during inclement weather. If they are overhanging a roof, they may land and cause damage. Depending on the force and size of the branch, it is possible for it to break through a roof's membrane and cause significant damage. Branches may also be a threat to people, pets, and property such as vehicles. 

Falling Leaves and Other Substances

The average homeowner does not want to pay for more maintenance services than they have to. When trees have branches overhanging a roof, some of the leaves will likely fall on the roof. There is also the risk of bird droppings or sap making contact with the roof. These substances need to be cleaned. Tree trimming ensures that branches and limbs do not overhang and create these messes.

Power Interruptions

Tree trimming is very important when trees grow near power lines. It can cause individuals to experience the inconvenience of power loss. If the power does not get interrupted, other utilities such as cable might get interrupted by the portions of the tree that make contact with the utility lines.

A tree services company is a good resource to use to determine if it is time for trimming services. They can explain the importance of tree trimming and assess the health of trees. Some diseased trees can be nurtured back into a healthy state. Others may have advanced diseases that trimming and other efforts cannot correct. This is why it is essential to get the services before it's too late.

Contact a local tree trimming service to learn more. 

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