How To Keep Your Trees Healthy

Health problems with the trees that are growing on your property can be a stressful problem to face as this could potentially result in the trees dying and needing to be cut down or even falling on the home. More precisely, there are several common health problems that you could find your trees experiencing. 

Insufficient Amounts Of Water

During droughts and other times when there is less rainfall than normal, it can be possible for the trees to become underwatered. If this is allowed to persist for a long time, the trees could develop substantial health problems. This could include the trees having a much slower growth rate, producing less energy to store for the winter months, and even being more susceptible to disease and damage. To prevent this from occurring, you may have to regularly water the trees during times when there is below-average rainfall in your area.

Pests Or Disease Spreading Through The Tree

Insects, small animals, and diseases can be another source of progressive damage to your trees. Routinely treating the trees for the most common problematic insects in your area can help to prevent colonies of these pests from getting established. In addition to regular pest treatments, a homeowner should also look for signs of widespread pest damage, such as leaves that have been eaten or holes that have been made on the bark. If a pest problem is allowed to develop, it can rapidly lead to widespread disease in the plant. If the trees develop a disease, it can be necessary to trim the branches and other areas of the plant where the disease may have spread to.

Soil Stability Problems

Soil problems near the tree can lead to it becoming unstable. If the tree is not braced, these stability problems may eventually result in the plant falling over. Erosion is a common reason for these stability issues to develop, and if they occur, you will have to take steps to slow or stop the erosion to give the tree time to adjust its root system. As a precaution, the tree may be stabilized with numerous support rods during this process. A tree care contractor will be able to assess the condition of your trees and the soil around them to determine the best options for stabilizing them. During this process, it is important to avoid disturbing the supports as this could impair the results that they are able to provide, which could lead to the tree's stability problems worsening.

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