4 Types Of Trees You Do Not Want Near Your Home

Trees provide much-needed beauty to your home. They are vital to the ecosystem and are home to many living organisms. However, some trees should be as far as possible from the buildings on your property. They can lead to all sorts of problems, from foundation damage to pest infestation. Here are four trees that might need emergency removal services if they are near your house.

1. Silver Maple

While silver maple is a common tree in the country, it is one of the most damaging to foundations. Silver maples have shallow, aggressive roots that can quickly lift or crack your foundation. The roost could even damage your sewer line, leading to backups. They can also drop branches, damaging your property. If you have a silver maple tree that is causing trouble, it is best to have it removed immediately.

2. Weeping Willow

Beneath the attractive weeping willow tree, there are its roots. And there is nothing much to like about them. The roots of a weeping willow tree grow towards the water and could damage your sewer line. These trees also drop many leaves, which can clog gutters and drains and litter your yard. If this tree does more harm than good, call emergency tree service providers to remove that weeping willow tree near your house before things get out of hand.

3. Eucalyptus

Many people love eucalyptus trees because of their fast growth rate. However, a eucalyptus tree growing near your property should be a cause for concern. This is because they have weak limbs, which could break easily during a storm. Generally, eucalyptus limbs are massive and can cause extensive damage if they fall on your home. If you want to enhance safety, seek emergency removal services without delay.

4. Pine

With their evergreen needles, pine trees may seem like friendly trees to plant anywhere in your yard. However, they should not be anywhere near your house. They are prone to fire, and their needles can clog gutters. Even worse, pines can attract insects and pests such as weevils and ticks, which puts your home at a high risk of pest infestation. If you experience these issues, reach out to the emergency tree specialists to remove those pine trees near your house.

While trees are an important part of the ecosystem, some can cause more harm than good in your home. If any of the above trees are near your home, call a tree service such as Falling Branch Tree Services, LLC for emergency removal services. It is better to eliminate the trees immediately than deal with the troubles associated with these trees.

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