3 Land Clearing Techniques To Try On Your Property

Transforming a plot of land into a usable space requires effort. If the plot has been neglected or has never been developed, you will probably need to clear away all surface materials from the plot before you can start constructing new buildings or finding useful purposes for the land.

Land clearing can be a challenging task, but it becomes much easier to manage when you are familiar with some of the most efficient land clearing techniques in use today.

1. Grubbing and Dozing

When you need to clear a large parcel of land in a short period of time, grubbing and dozing is your best option.

A bulldozer is used to help remove surface materials from large swaths of land during grubbing and dozing. The power and size of the bulldozer allows you to easily remove small shrubs, trees, boulders, and other types of vegetation.

You will need to ensure that you have a plan for the disposal of all cleared materials when you are utilizing the grubbing and dozing approach. A lot of waste is generated when clearing land this way, and you will need to dispose of this waste properly.

2. Burning

Prescribed burns have been used for many years to help clear away unwanted materials from a parcel of land. You will need to obtain a special permit from your local government giving you the authority to use fire as a clearing tool.

Burning is best used when you don't need to selectively eliminate any vegetation, you will be developing the land quickly, and you don't plan to grow anything on the land. The heat from the fire can actually sterilize the soil, making it unsuitable for planting.

Fire removes all vegetation and ground cover, which means that the exposed land is more prone to erosion. You should have erosion control measures ready to implement as soon as you are finished clearing your land with fire.

3. Hand Clearing

Hand clearing is the most time-consuming technique you can use to clear your land, but it is also the approach that gives you the most control.

Most people utilize chainsaws and other power tools to help minimize the amount of labor required to hand clear a parcel of land.

You will be able to thin out overgrown areas while still maintaining a fire buffer when you choose to engage in hand clearing.

The best approach to land clearing can often depend on the topography of your lot.

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