Purchased A New Home And Have A Lot Of Trees On The Property? 2 Tips To Keep Them Growing

If you purchased a new home, having a lot of trees on the property is beneficial. They are not only beautiful but can provide shade for you and your family. If the trees are planted near your home, they will shade your home, thereby keeping costs down in the summer months. Keep reading for two tips so you can keep all the trees growing well for you.

Inspect the Trees

Inspect the trees periodically to look for signs of trouble. Finding problems early can help save the tree. Trees can get many pests and diseases. What type your trees get will depend on the type of trees that are planted. Some pests common with many trees include aphids, caterpillars, sawflies, Gypsy month, galls, long-horned beetles, spider mites, and scale insects. All these pests can cause different symptoms in your trees: dying bark, holes in leaves, and branches dying and falling. All of these are signs that the tree is in trouble. There are several common diseases trees can get depending on the type of trees on your property. One of these is anthracnose, which attacks leaves on hardwood trees. This is a fungal disease that can cause a lot of damage. Fortunately, this will not cause the tree to die but makes it look unsightly. There is no real treatment for this fungus. Another fungus is rust, which is common in a variety of hardwood trees. If your trees have this, you will see yellow spots on the leaves. This fungus will not kill the trees, but the leaves will fall earlier than they normally do. A tree service may be able to treat the tree to remove the fungus. 

Trim the Trees

It is important that you hire a tree trimming service to trim your trees if they become overgrown. Trimming removes dead branches that can fall and injure someone. If the tree has a fungus or disease on the branches or leaves, trimming will also remove these which helps prevent the fungus or disease from spreading. Trimming trees makes your trees healthier and less susceptible to diseases. If a tree becomes overgrown, the canopy gets very full. When it rains, water will not get through the thick canopy to the soil below. Sunlight will also not get through a thick canopy. A tree service company will thin the canopy out giving the tree more air and room to grow. 

For more information, contact a local tree trimming service

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