4 Points You Should Know About Tree Trimming

Tree branch trimming is a popular tree service since branches are always growing on trees, and they often grow where you don't want them to. Even though trimming small branches may not be difficult work, it can be dangerous, so it is often best to let professionals do the job. Here are a few important points to know about tree branch trimming.

1. Trimming Has To Be Controlled

If your trees haven't been trimmed in a long time, they might need to have a lot of work done. However, the tree trimming service has to think about the health of the tree too. Trimming too many branches at the same time might stress the tree. Instead, the tree service may trim away branches lowest to the ground or branches growing toward your roof and save the other branches to remove next season.

2. Equipment Can Spread Diseases

Tree branch trimming can potentially spread diseases among trees. If your tree trimmer suspects one of your trees has a disease or insect invasion, they may take precautions not to transfer the problem from the infected tree to your other trees. They might do this by changing trimming tools or disinfecting them between trees. Trimming branches on sick trees might help the health of the tree by removing infection or insects so the rest of the tree isn't threatened, so the trimmer probably won't skip trimming just because a tree is sick.

3. Improper Trimming Could Kill A Tree

One of the most important reasons to have tree branch trimming done by a professional is so proper technique is used. Branches need to be trimmed in a certain way. The size of a branch matters too. If you don't have training and experience in trimming tree branches, you could stress the tree or cause an injury that allows an infection to take hold.

You have to know which branches to trim and which ones to leave alone. Plus, you have to cut a branch in the right place using the right method so the wound can heal properly. Tree branch trimming might look simple, but it requires knowledge of how trees grow and what can harm their health to do the job properly.

4. Trimming Is Easier When Leaves Are Gone

Some trees should be trimmed during certain times of the year. Other trees can be trimmed at any time. However, the easiest time to trim any tree is when most of the leaves are gone. With the leaves missing, the internal structure of the tree is visible so it's much easier to spot branches that need to be trimmed.

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