4 Reasons To Engage In Land Clearing Before Developing Property

If you are purchasing raw land where no buildings have previously been present, one thing you should consider doing is clearing the land before you develop it. Land clearing and eliminating unnecessary tree and plant growth can offer you many benefits.  

Reason #1: Get Rid of Pests 

When you have a lot of dense undergrowth on your property, there are lots of places for pests to hang out and hide on your property. Many pests can hide when you have uncontrolled undergrowth on your property, from rats and mice to larger pests such as raccoons and squirrels.  

Getting rid of and reducing undergrowth and vegetation on your property, and creating a more controlled and cleaner environment, will give fewer places for pests to hide and make it easier for you to engage in management tactics if and when necessary.  

Reason #2: Reduce Risk of Fire 

Once you own the property, you are responsible for what happens on it and what happens to it. If you have thick underbrush that hasn't been taken care of for years on the lot, it can present a fire hazard. Having excess dead vegetation can increase the risk of fire. Clearing the property and getting rid of the old vegetation is a great way to reduce the risk of fire and ensure that if a wildfire occurs in your area, your property doesn't contribute to the spread of the fire. Proper cleaning of the property is a necessary fire management tool that you will want to utilize once you purchase the property.  

Reason #3: Protect the Soil 

Now that you own the land, you will want to take care of all elements of the land, including the soil. When you clear the land, you will disrupt the topsoil. Not all disruptions are harmful; disrupting the soil can actually be suitable for it. Cutting down the brush will create a new layer of mulch on the property. That mulch will help to keep the weeds away and can prevent soil erosion as well.  

Reason #4: Promote Healthy Tree Growth  

Finally, clearing your land is a great way to take care of the trees on your land. When too many seedlings are allowed to grow, it can result in competition for resources, leading to trees growth being stunted and damaged instead of being allowed to thrive. Thinning back and reducing the trees on your property can allow the trees that you leave behind more of a chance of success. 

If you have purchased an undeveloped plot of land, you will want to work with a tree service to clear the land. That will provide you with an opportunity to take better care of the land, protect the soil, and manage pests. Plus, if you ever want to develop the land, you will need to clear it first, so doing that now will set you up to develop the land later on.  

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