Dog Keeps Getting Ticks? Tips To Using Pesticides

If your dog is getting a lot of ticks each time they go outside, you need to take steps to control them. If you go outside with your dog, you could also have ticks on your body. This is even worse if you have kids that play with your dog while they are outside. This is because ticks can carry diseases, such as Lyme disease. Fortunately, you can control these insects by using pesticides. Below is information on how to use this to ensure you kill all the ticks.

Purchase Pesticide

You can find pesticides at home improvement stores or online. Follow the instructions on the label before you spray your yard and apply the pesticide at the right time. You can contact a pest control company to determine this or call local health officials.  There also may be rules and regulations that you must follow to apply pesticides to your lawn.  Before you choose a pesticide look how large an area it can cover to ensure you purchase enough for your entire yard. 

Prepare Your Yard

Before you apply the pesticide, mow your lawn as short as you can get it. Remove litter, such as built-up leaves and brush around your home. Don't forget about the edge of things where grass can grow, such as against a garage, edge of your lawn, shed, etc. You can use something like a weed eater to remove this grass.  If your home is near a wooded area, you need to put a barrier up between your lawn and this area to help prevent ticks from getting into your yard. You can use gravel or wood chips to do this. 

If you use wood for a fireplace or other reasons, do not stack this in your backyard. If you can, do not stack the wood on the ground but instead on a surface, such as concrete. Place the wood in an area away from your yard if possible. This will also help prevent other insects, such as rodents and termites. If your backyard is not fenced in this would be a good idea. This will prevent other animals that may have ticks from getting into your yard. Ticks can hide anywhere, especially on debris you may have in your yard. To help with this clean up your yard removing anything you do not use.

If you continue to see ticks on your dog, contact a pest control company to spray your yard. They have pesticides that are much stronger than you can purchase at a store or online.  

For more information on tick control, contact a professional near you.

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