Circumstances Where You Need Tree Services

If you have trees around your yard, you certainly need tree services for proper care. Tree services can guarantee healthy plants and minimize risks to not only your family but also your property. The best person to call is an arborist, as they know how to care for all types of trees through regular trimming, pruning, and treating diseases as they arise. They will also handle failing trees that are beyond salvation to maintain both the appearance and safety of your property. Here are more instances you will need arborist services.

During Tree Planting

Tree planting goes beyond digging a hole, placing the tree seedling, covering it, and watering. There are lots of other small details that go into ensuring healthy growth. Young trees are extremely vulnerable to environmental factors such as soil conditions or pests and require delicate handling to prosper. Also, you might overwater your trees without proper knowledge or guidance from an arborist. For these reasons, you should always involve someone with appropriate knowledge when planting trees to minimize such issues. Additionally, you will get expert advice on the best trees for your yard, depending on your budget, climate, and soil type.

When You Have Leaning Trees

While it is normal for trees to bend as they grow, you should worry if your tree leans too much. Usually, this happens due to poor weight distribution, and a tree care expert can help you mitigate leaning trees to ensure proper growth. Also, watch out for soil heaving on the opposite side or exposed roots.

When There Is a Dead Tree in Your Yard

Dead tree removal is a complex process that only a tree specialist should handle. If you do it yourself, you risk injuries or destroying your property. Besides, you are not qualified to determine whether a tree can be saved, and an expert will decide the necessary action. If removal is the only way forward, they will do it carefully, ensuring the tree will not fall on anyone or property. They will also dispose of the tree as required.

Offer Protection Against Elements

Extreme weather can be detrimental to your trees. For example, when lightning strikes your tree, it can catch fire that could spread to your home. A tree specialist should advise you on the ideal way to protect your trees from such disasters. A good arborist will also help you deal with insects, fungal infections, extreme sun, and wild animals. 

Tree care equals healthy trees and a beautiful-looking yard. In addition, the well-kept trees will help with a higher resale value should you want to sell your home. So, ensure that you have a trusted arborist to call whenever you are faced with any of the mentioned tree situations.

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