Get Your Tree Diagnosed If You Notice These Signs Of A Diseased Tree

You might be surprised to hear that trees can get diseases that are caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi. A diseased tree is a major threat to property owners, and many individuals do not realize they have a problematic tree. Devastating things can happen when a tree diagnosis is not made in a timely manner. It is possible for trees to die and fall down if they succumb to the disease. This can lead to property damage or injuries. Another possibility is the disease spreading to other trees, which could mean that tree removal for all infected trees will be required. The following points can help you identify the signs of a diseased tree. 

Change In Growth Pattern

Since you are the property owner, you may have grown accustomed to looking at your trees on a daily basis. You might not notice subtle changes until they become very apparent. Listen to your neighbors or visitors to your property if they make comments about a tree on your property looking like it is leaning. Leaning trees may fall over if other conditions such as heavy rain or high wind occur. 

Change In Foliage

Fallen leaves are a good indicator of tree disease if it happens when there has not been inclement weather nor a seasonal reason for the leaves to fall. A good way to determine if a disease could be the culprit is to look at the fallen leaves. Diseased trees may shed their leaves for seemingly no reason. However, a close look at the leave can yield clues. The leaves may be discolored, have holes, or have spots on them. 

Bark Changes

Diseased trees may have changes in their bark. Sometimes malformations to the bark may occur, which may prompt homeowners to think that their sick trees are responding normally to environmental changes. A tree with disease and substances growing on it might be mistaken as dried sap to untrained eyes. However, a tree diagnosis might reveal that the crusty substance is a canker due to disease. You might notice mushrooms or lichens too; mushrooms are fungi, and lichens are a mix of fungi and alga. Both are signs of potential tree disease.

Dead Branches

Some trees have large branches. If they die, they are at risk of breaking off. Large branches can cause significant injuries. They might also land on top of homes or personal property and cause damages.

Do not use your own judgment about whether or not your tree is infected with a disease. A tree professional is the best resource to use for a tree diagnosis. Early intervention could save the tree, but delayed treatment might result in the tree dying or needing to get cut down. 

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