Top 4 Reasons Why Tree Pruning Should Be Left to the Experts

When many people hear of tree pruning, they think it's a simple process of removing a few branches. In reality, tree pruning is a perilous process that should only be attempted by a person who knows what they're doing. Before you pick that chainsaw to prune your trees, here are four reasons you're better off leaving that job to the experts. 

Tree Pruning Without Training and Experience Is Risky

There are multiple cases of people who have sustained severe injuries while attempting to prune their trees by themselves. Depending on the size of your tree, pruning involves climbing trees, using chainsaws, working near power lines, and cutting heavy limbs. All these activities can be risky without prior experience. 

Again, due to inexperience, you may not know how to differentiate between a healthy and rotten tree branch. Stepping on a rotten branch exposes you to the danger of falling and can also damage the tree. Therefore, protect yourself and your tree from harm by hiring an arborist to complete the job. 

Tree Pruning Is a Complex Process

While the primary aim of pruning is to remove loose, diseased, or dead branches, you also need to leave your yard looking aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, as you prune, you're also shaping your tree. Unfortunately, this may be a tall order for an untrained hand. 

Additionally, improper pruning can cause significant damage to your tree. For example, since you don't know how to best use your chainsaws, where to cut, or which branches to remove, you risk causing splits or seeping wounds to your tree. This exposes the tree to pests and diseases and could even result in an untimely death. 

Most DIYers Are Prone to Mistakes

Most people who attempt DIY tree pruning end up making costly mistakes, which could have been avoided by engaging an arborist. One common mistake is over lifting, which involves removing the lower branches and leaving the upper branches. As a result, the top of the tree has excess weight, which could cause a falling over of the whole tree. Another common mistake is not using sharp tools, which leaves the tree with jagged cuts. 

Before an arborist is registered to perform their duties, they undergo adequate training and preparation to know everything about proper tree care. This means they're unlikely to make rookie mistakes that would affect the health of your tree. 

Growth Cycles and Seasons Affect Pruning

The growth cycle and season of a tree play a significant role in the type of pruning that should be performed. Failure to observe this can have long-term effects on the growth of a tree. 

Professional tree caregivers understand the different types of pruning and which one is suitable for your tree. As a result, your tree will continue its normal growth once the pruning is complete. 

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