Reasons You Might Decide To Remove A Tree

There are plenty of reasons you might want to have a tree removed from your yard. If you do have one removed, then something to keep in mind is that you want to have all of the tree removed and hauled off of the property, and make sure you have the stump removed as well. Leaving some of the tree in the yard for an extended period of time can lead to issues such as a tripping hazard or even an increased risk of termites on the property. Leaving a stump in the ground can also be a tripping risk, and the roots can keep growing and become a problem. Some reasons why you might decide to have a tree removed may be: 

You don't like it

A big reason for getting a tree removed is just because you don't like it. Having a tree right in your yard that you don't like can cause a major landscaping problem for you. In fact, if you don't like the tree because it looks out of place, is too large for the space, or creates other visual issues, then it may be ruining the home's curb appeal from the opinions of others as well. When the tree is gone, you will feel more excited about your landscape. 

You have other plans

If you want to do your yard in another way and you are having a hard time incorporating a tree you have in the yard into that design, then you may need to have it removed in order to accomplish what you want. For example, the tree may be right in the middle of the location where you want to put something else like a pond or a walkway. You may want to have a nice lush lawn in the center of the yard with no other foliage, and the tree may be interfering with this. 

The tree has problems

There are a number of issues that a tree may have that can lead you to want to have it removed. In fact, with some issues, it is even advisable to have the tree removed. You may have a dead tree and this can be dangerous. You might have one that is diseased, and this is also a risk because it may die and then be a falling risk, plus it can spread the disease, and this is the same with something like an infestation.

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