Tree Removal And Trimming Tips To Prevent Damage During The First Winter Storm

Soon, the winter weather is going to be here. Have you done all the maintenance that needs to be done around your home? There is the maintenance in your landscaping that you will want to do before winter storms bring snow and ice that can wreak havoc on vulnerable trees. Therefore, there may be pruning to do, or the removal of trees that are the most vulnerable and pose a threat to people and property. The following tips will help you deal with the trimming and removal of trees that needs to be done around your home before the first winter storm arrives:

Removing the Overgrowth That Threatens Utilities and Can Cause Damage During Storms

Some of the most vulnerable areas around your home during winter storms are utility lines. This is often due to trees that are left to grow over power lines, and when the branches get weighed down by snow and ice, they break and cause damage to the utilities. Before the winter weather comes, make sure that your trees have been trimmed a safe distance back from power lines to avoid problems with snow and ice causing damage.

Thinning the Heavy Branches That Can Be A Hazard During Winter Storms with The Weight Of Snow

The heavy branches of large trees can be some of the most vulnerable areas of trees when they become full of snow and ice. These branches can cause serious damage to property if they are not trimmed before winter storms dump snow and ice on them and cause them to break. Remove heavy branches that are over your home, parking areas, or where they can cause damage to your property.

Removal of Hazardous Trees That Are Unhealthy or Too Close to Your Home and At Risk of Falling During Winter Storms

Sometimes, trimming the heavy branches before a storm may not be enough to prevent damage during winter weather. There are some trees that you want to have removed if they are a hazard to your property. Remove trees that commonly fall during severe weather, such as pine trees, as well as trees that have been weakened due to illness or insect infestations.

Pruning and Shaping the Healthy Trees and Shrubs Before Winter Storms to Prevent Damage

It is also important to care for the healthy trees on your property before winter storms to help ensure they make it through bad weather without any damage. Prune all your healthy trees to help promote healthy growth and prevent damage during storms. In addition, you will also want to prune and shape shrubs in your landscaping while trimming the trees and doing other maintenance before the winter weather arrives.

These are some tips to help deal with the trimming and removal of trees that needs to be done before the first winter storm. If you need help with tree care before the winter weather is here, contact a tree trimming service for help with removal and trimming of trees around your home.

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