Changes You May Need To Make To Your House If You Remove A Tree

When trees become ill or grow so old that they die, you have to remove the tree for safety and pest control reasons. However, you have to realize that your home and landscaping have depended on that tree being in a certain place on your property, and once the tree is gone, you'll have to take another look at the surrounding area. You may have to make modifications to your property to regain the benefits you lost when the tree was removed.

This does not mean you shouldn't remove the tree -- if it has to go, then it has to go. But if you've prepared for the tree removal, your home will remain comfortable and not experience a loss of benefits.

Fixing Cosmetic Damage

If the tree was big and was blocking the view of a part of your home, removing the tree could reveal some cosmetic damage like dirty siding or peeling paint on trim. Take a very good look at the part of the house that will be exposed to ensure you know what you need to fix to maintain curb appeal. You might not be able to reach it until the tree is gone, or you might find the true extent of the dirt, for example, was hidden by the tree's shade. But you'll at least have an idea of what you'll need to clean or fix once the tree is gone, and you can begin arranging for those repairs.

Installing Heat-Reducing Features

Removing a tree that provided shade means your home is about to get a lot warmer. Install dual-pane windows, if you haven't already, and add awnings outside or blackout curtains inside. If you can't replace the windows, heat-reducing window film might be an option. Also take a look at the borders of the windows and fix any gaps you find.

Re-evaluating Landscaping

Landscaping that thrives under a big, shady tree might not thrive in the full sunlight that will follow the tree's removal. Ensure the landscaping you have now can handle the sun, or plan to replace the shade-loving plants with sun-loving plants.

You'll find that when the tree is gone, you'll have a lot of room to work with and will be able to unleash some more creativity in the yard, so there is a benefit to removing the tree other than for health and safety. Treat the tree removal and new space exposure as your chance to fix up your home and revitalize that section of your yard.

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