Tree Care To Protect Your Home From Damage During The Summer Weather

Summer weather can make your trees vulnerable due to pests, droughts, and afternoon storms. With good care, you can protect your home and trees from damage during the summer weather. Some of the things that you need to do include keeping the trees watered, stop the evaporation of moisture in soils, treat pest infestations, and deal with problems that storms can cause. The following tips will help you prevent problems with your trees during summer weather that can cause damage to your home and property:

Protect Your Tree from Droughts with Irrigation and Ground Cover to Prevent Evaporation

Droughts can cause trees to become vulnerable to problems with insects and disease if they do not get enough water. Make sure to water the trees during extreme heat and add a ground cover like mulch during the summer months to prevent evaporation of moisture in the soils. Occasionally test the soil beneath the mulch and water if it is too dry.

Stop Pests from Getting Out of Control During the Active Summer Months to Protect Trees

During the summer months, pests like insects and animals are more active and can begin to spread in trees. You will want to treat the trees for insects during the summer to keep them from spreading and becoming an infestation. Some animals and bees will need to be removed from trees to deal with these problems. To reduce problems with pests in trees, make sure to have pruning done annually to reduce the areas where they can nest and promote healthy growth of the tree canopy.

Prepare Trees for Summer and Autumn Storms by Trimming Excess Growth That Can Cause Damage

Before the severe weather arrives, you will want to trim the excess growth of larger trees on your property. Thin the canopy to allow high winds to blow through the trees and prevent them from being blown down. In addition, if there is any growth near utility lines, you will want to cut it back to prevent it from falling on the power lines, which can cause the power to go out and hazards when you need to do maintenance and repairs after severe weather.

Dealing with The Problems from Trees That Come After Severe Weather Causes Storm Damage

There may also be damage to your trees that was unavoidable and needs to be dealt with after summer storms. When the storms have passed, you will want to remove branches that have fallen or weakened by high winds. If there are any tree branches near or on utility lines, be cautious when trimming them and contact the utility service if they are touching live power lines after a storm.

These are some tips to help deal with tree care that needs to be done during summer weather to protect your home and its landscape. If you need help with summer tree care, contact a tree service to ensure your trees make it through another season green and healthy.

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