3 Essential Reasons Why Your Trees Aren't Currently Flourishing

How many trees are growing on your property? Have you ever wondered why some of them don't look as good as others do? As much as we might wish otherwise, trees don't always grow in the way that we might expect. They might be lopsided, too tall, too short, or have a number of other common shortcomings. It can be tempting to chalk this all up to nature and assume that nothing can be done about them, but this is often not true. Some things that can help your tree or trees look better include:

1. Fertilizing: You might already realize that your lawn needs regular applications of fertilizer in order to look its best, but you might not realize that the same applies to various trees as well. While plenty of tree species may do just fine without fertilizer, depending on your exact soil, there are some trees that must have additional nutrients in order to unlock their full potential. Citrus trees are one common example of a type of tree that won't grow well without the addition of extra nutrients, but there may be many others, depending on your soil type. Your local tree care services can let you know if any of your trees are in need of a little extra assistance.

2. Pruning: Many people avoid pruning their trees because they don't want the trees to look sparse. While it's true that an initial pruning by professional tree care services can sometimes leave a tree looking bare, this is typically the result of not having pruned for years, if ever. An initial pruning will find many dead or dying limbs that need to be removed along with branches that have crossed and are rubbing against each other. But without these bad limbs and branches in their way, your tree will quickly bounce back and grow even larger and fuller than it was before.

3. Watering: The smaller a tree is, the more prone it can be to stress due to lack of water. If you live in a place where it rains often, you'll be able to skip watering yourself, as nature does it for you. If you go through a dry spell during the summer, even larger trees may start to become stressed out and need some help with watering from time to time. Your local tree care services can tell you if you need to water your trees at all, as well as how much or how often you might need to do so.

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