Signs A Tree Is Growing In The Wrong Place

Trees have numerous benefits but only if they are growing in the right place. Otherwise, they can be a nightmare for their owners and for others. Here are some of the signs that should tell you a tree is growing in the wrong place:

Its Branches Are Overhanging the Road

Tree branches overhanging the road are dangerous for one main reason: they can cause an accident. This is especially true with low hanging branches that can interfere with pedestrians, cyclists, or motorcycle riders. Don't forget that you may be held liable for such injuries if the courts determine that you were negligent in taking care of the tree(s).

Its Branches Are Rubbing Against the House

Your trees are growing too close to the house if their branches are constantly rubbing on the house – either on the roof, gutters, or siding. Such little damages can accumulate over the years and necessitate expensive repairs. In some cases, they may even lead to roof leaks.

Its Leaves All Falling In the Gutters and On the Roof

Do you have tree leaves and small branches falling all over the roof and in the gutters? Then you are also dealing with trees that are too close to the house. Such leaves will keep the roof perpetually wet and encourage possible decay, corrosion, and algae growth. With time, they might also slide down the roof can clog the gutters, causing drainage issues and gutter damage. Another problem is when the gutters get blocked by debris and water flowing off the roof flows over the gutters instead of along the gutters, thereby causing foundation or landscaping damage.

It Is Too Close To the Septic Field

Trees should never be planted on the septic drain field because they can cause damage to the septic system. The damage occurs when the roots of the trees find their way through tiny cracks in the septic pipes, causing drainage blockage or pipe damage. Therefore, if you have trees whose roots can reach the septic system, then the trees are in the wrong location.

It May Grow and Reach A Power Line

Lastly, you should also know that your trees are growing in the wrong location if they are near a power line and have a chance of touching the lines. Such trees may cause a short circuit in the power distribution system if they come into contact with two or more power lines. They may also cause a power outage if they accidentally fall on and damage the power lines.

Talk to a professional tree service, such as S.A. Total Tree Service, to find out if your trees are too close to your home. 

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