Four Steps To Tree Cutting Safety

Removing a tree is inherently dangerous, and it is best left to experienced persons or professional tree removers. An inexperienced person trying DIY tree removal may cause serious damage or even injury. Here are some of the measures the professionals use to mitigate the risks of tree removal:

Evaluate the Condition of the Tree

The first thing is to understand the condition of the tree to determine whether it is still strong or it is weak and can fall at any time. This is especially necessary if:

  • The tree is leaning
  • The tree's leaves are falling
  • The tree's leaves are discolored
  • The tree's trunk is rotten
  • The tree has several dry branches
  • The tree's trunk is missing its bark in several places

A tree with several of these symptoms may be weak and fall unexpectedly, and you are better off leaving its removal to the professionals.

Figure Out Where the Tree Is Likely to Fall

The second thing is to figure out where the tree is likely to fall. This will help you avoid injury or damage when the tree falls. Since the fall of the tree is governed by gravity, it will likely fall towards:

  • The side that has more weight (more branches or a bigger canopy)
  • The side to which it is leaning
  • The side to which the land is sloping, if it's not on a flat ground

Know How to Make the Right Cuts

It's also important to know how to make the actual cuts that will cause the tree to fall. For example, you should know how to make a horizontal, wedge, and back cut. If you don't even know what these terms mean, then DIY tree removal isn't for you, and you should leave it up to the professionals.

Be Ready for Anything

Lastly, you should know that accidents may still happen despite your best precautions. For example, the tree may fall unexpectedly even if it seemed strong and healthy before cutting it. This means you should always be on the lookout for signs that the tree may fall and clear the area around the tree before beginning to cut it so that you can get out of harm's way in case the tree begins to fall.

If you need to remove a tree and you aren't experienced, the best way to be safe is to consult professional tree removal companies like Tielis Tree Service.

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