Tick Prevention Tips For Your Property

If your home is located in a deeply wooded area that is prone to tick infestations, taking measures to prevent your property from being a favorable environment for these pesky pests will keep you and your family members protected from tick bites and will make your outdoor environment an appealing area to relax and play. Use the tips that follow to protect your property. 

Move Items That Accumulate Water Away from Your Home

Ticks tend to live in moist, shaded areas. If you have any items outdoors that tend to accumulate water when it rains, it is best to move these items far away from your home. Place a compost bin on one side of your property and store garbage cans inside of your garage.

Bird baths, kid-sized pools, or potted foliage should be moved away from recreational equipment and lawn furnishings. Empty and clean bird baths and pools on a frequent basis to prevent water from becoming stagnant and attracting ticks. Use tarps or drop cloths to cover water features when they are not being used. 

Add Gravel or Paving Blocks to Areas Frequented

If your children have a swing set or sandbox that is located on a grassy surface, place a layer of gravel or mulch on the property to prevent moisture from accumulating. Paving blocks can be installed across the length of your yard, especially in areas that tend to get muddy when it rains.

If you are going to be spending time outdoors barbecuing or sitting down relaxing while you talk to family members, a basic patio can be created with large paving blocks and will prevent you or your guests from spending time in an area that is likely to attract ticks. 

Use Deer Spray, and Treat Shrubs and Trees

Since deer are known carriers of ticks, keeping these animals out of your yard will drastically reduce the chances that ticks will be seen on your property. Spray a product that is designed to deter deer around the perimeter of your property.

Use pruning shears to trim shrubs and trees when needed. Long, dangling branches can block sunlight and cause moisture to accumulate on the surfaces of shrubs and trees, so it is important to inspect foliage on a routine basis and trim it soon afterward. If ticks are spotted on some branches, spray neem oil on them. Neem oil is a non-toxic product that will deter ticks and a variety of other pests.

To learn more about tick control, talk to local professionals today.

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