Tree Removal: 3 Common Risks That Are Involved

Anytime that you are working with trees, there is a certain level of risk involved. However, that risk always increases when you are actually removing trees. It isn't as easy as it sounds to fell a tree, as it involves knowledge of dangerous tools, cutting techniques, biology, physics, and more. Homeowners who do not have the proper knowledge could be injured by malfunctioning equipment, falling limbs and potentially the actual tree. With that being said, it is important to be aware of the potential tree removal risks being deciding to remove a tree on your own.

Risk #1: Improper Equipment

If you have ever seen a tree care professional, you will notice that they wear a ton of protective gear from head to toe. This is because they are required to do so by OSHA. In addition, they are thoroughly trained to use the equipment that they use to do their job. This includes chain saw, wood chippers, cranes, ropes, etc. – the same type of equipment that you would need to use if you decided to tackle a tree removal project yourself. You would also need protective gear, such as a helmet, gloves, steel-toed boots, etc. Without all of this, you would open yourself up to unnecessary risks.

Risk #2: Power Lines

Regardless of what you are doing, it is always a risk to work near power lines. You need to always assume that electrical lines are hot and live. If your tools, yourself or the tree strikes a power line, you could not only leave your neighborhood without power, but you are probably going be electrocuted as well. Believe it or not, that black coating on the outside of electrical wiring is not insulation. Instead, it is a weatherproof coating to protect the cable from various weather elements, so it is possible to be electrocuted through it.

Risk #3: Decaying Wood

Without having extensive knowledge of the biology of a tree, you may not know how to tell if a tree is dead or dying, especially from the inside out. These types of trees are extremely unstable, so if you were to try to cut it down yourself, it could cause serious damage to your property, someone else's property, to yourself or someone else. Due to the instability of these types of trees, a crane is often used because it is the safer method of removal.

While homeowners can attempt to remove a tree themselves, it is recommended that anyone with proper experience and knowledge of tree removal to hire a professional to do it. In doing so, it eliminates unnecessary risks and keeps everyone safer. 

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