Success Tips For Using A Stump Grinder For The First Time

If you had some trees removed from your yard last summer but could not afford the added cost of having the stumps removed at the time, then you will be pleased to learn that you can inexpensively remove the stumps yourself using a rented stump grinder. Stump grinders are simple to use and are the most effective way to completely remove unwanted stumps from your yard. Since safe and effective stump grinding can be a bit overwhelming for a first-timer, here are some tips to assist you.

You Need a Trailer Hitch to Haul the Stump Grinder Home

If you are going to the rental center to pick up the stump grinder, then you must have a trailer hitch to tow it home. Stump grinders are very heavy and come on their own trailers. If you do not have a truck with a trailer hitch, then you will need to have the stump grinder delivered.

Ask the Rental Agent to Instruct You on the Correct Usage of the Machine

Since stump grinders are rented by people with different landscaping skill levels, it is important that you mention to the rental staff that you have never used one before. Once the staff knows that you are not experienced with a grinder, then they will spend more time with you explaining how to use and maintain it while it is under your care. This is very important because it helps to keep you safe and helps prevent unintentional damage to the machine.

Always Wear Personal Protection During Stump Grinding Sessions

Before you ever start up the stump grinder for the first time, it is essential that you are properly dressed. Since stump grinders often fling out small shards of wood, you must wear all of the following for you own personal protection:

  • goggles

  • hearing protection

  • long-sleeve shirt

  • denim jeans

  • leather boots

  • leather gloves

In addition, if you are working during a sunny day, then you should also wear sunscreen and a hat.

Clear Away Rocks and Vegetation from the Base of the Stump

Finally, before you begin to grind down the stump, first you must clear away and vegetation, dirt, and rocks from around it. If rocks come into contact with the blades of the stump grinder, then they can become damaged. Also, if a blade hits a rock, then the rock can fly out and injure someone. You can eliminate this risk by clearing around the base of the stump before grinding it.

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