Consulting An Arborist When Your Tree Has Grown Around Power Lines: What To Do

Trees have a way of growing into all sorts of odd shapes and contorted figures, including the odd ways in which they grow up and around power lines. This can be dangerous and deadly for the tree as well as anyone who attempts to prune the tree back. If your tree is also looking a little dead because of the surge in electrical power through its branches, you are going to need the professional help of an arborist. Here is what the arborist might do to help.

Cut off the Lower Limbs 

All of the limbs that are currently growing directly below the power lines will need to be cut off. If the tree survives the constant surge of electrical power, these lower branches will undoubtedly begin to touch and interfere with the power lines too when the tree grows taller. The arborist can use special equipment and tools to prevent electrocution while performing this task.

Trim the Branches from around the Power Lines

Some trees somehow manage to fuse themselves completely around power lines. You can see this when a city crew cuts a tree down from the curb but leaves the fused branches dangling on the power lines like wooden clothespins. If your tree has managed to fuse some branches around the power lines, then these branches should definitely be trimmed back, maybe even cut down entirely. However, the arborist may leave this job to the power company and only act as a consultant to help keep the tree alive while the cuts are made.

Taking the Whole Tree Down When the Electricity is Killing It

In the most extreme cases, when the power lines are killing the tree and there is an increased risk of the dead tree bursting into flames, your only recourse might be to cut the tree down completely. An arborist could try to save the tree, but in all likelihood, the remaining life in the tree would be hampered because the arborist would have to make sure that no part of the tree ever comes into contact with the power lines again. In this extreme case, the best thing to do, and the one which might come highly recommended by the arborist, is to put the tree out of its misery and cut it down completely. The only exception to this rule is relocating a very young tree that does not yet have deep tap roots and may be saved by pulling it up and relocating it. Even then, the arborist would have to work with your power company to make sure that the tree removal does not damage the power lines in the midst of being pulled up and moved.

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