Three Reasons You Should Remove Tree Stumps From Your Yard

After cutting down the unsightly dead or diseased tree in your backyard, you may not see any reason to also remove its stump. After all, stumps don't pose the risks that dead or diseased trees do, and they're not much of an eyesore. However, there are good reasons to remove tree stumps. Here are three reasons that you should remove tree stumps from your yard.

They can contribute to new growth

Sometimes, a tree stump can regenerate and form new trees. This is a good thing in forests—it allows trees to regenerate after a fire or disease—but in your backyard, it's a nuisance. New trees may sprout around the edges of your stump, and these multiple new trees will begin to grow.

Even if you don't mind the look of the saplings, they may not be healthy. The stump can weaken the developing trees, and worse, if the stump is diseased, the disease can spread to the saplings. To avoid these problems, have the tree stump removed, and if you decide you want a new tree in that area, have a mature tree planted.

They're an obstacle

Stumps are an unnecessary obstacle that can get in the way of your backyard activities. They pose a tripping hazard for users of your backyard, especially if the stumps have been cut short enough to blend into the surrounding grass.

They can present an obstacle when you're mowing your lawn. If you mow over the stump, you could bend the blades of your mower or damage the flywheel key within the mower.

They attract pests

A variety of pests feed on decaying wood, and if your stump remains in your backyard, pests will be drawn to it. This is a problem because pests that are attracted to the stump could then make their way into your home on their quest for food. To keep this from happening, you should get rid of the stump before it can become a home for pests.

Many types of ants can make their nests in tree stumps, including Argentine ants and velvety tree ants. Destructive insects like termites may also be drawn to stumps, and later, your house. If the stump is hollow, stinging insects like bees may start a colony inside it.

If you have a tree stump in your backyard, have it removed by a tree service. The stump can contribute to new growth, be an annoying obstacle or even attract pests. Visit to learn more.

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