Trying To Sell A House With An Overgrown Yard? What You Need To Know

Are you trying to sell a property that has some overgrown trees and a yard that isn't well taken care of? If so, you want to make some changes because people may not give the property a chance because of the exterior and how it looks.

When someone looks at a poorly maintained property, they think of all the lawn work that has to be done, and possibly the lawn tools they could have to purchase to get it in order. Consider hiring out the following services to get the project started.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is something you should never attempt with tools on your own at your property. It can lead to a lot of deaths and injuries, even for the professionals, including the following:

  • Wood chipper injuries
  • Fallen branches or tree injures
  • Electrocution
  • Machinery injuries

Have the tree trimming professionals come to the property to do all the pruning and trimming, and then have them haul away the branches, twigs and debris left over from the work.

Weed Removal and Fertilization

The yard should look well maintained and manicured. That means you want to have all of the weeds pulled and treated so they don't pop up during showings, and you need to have the lawn fertilized so it's green. A healthy looking lawn welcomes people to walk up to the property, and can cause people to take a second look at the property when they are passing by.

Fresh Mulch and Flowers

Add fresh mulch and flowers to add some color around the house and to show people that the property is move in ready on the outside. The flowers are going to show the potential owners how nice the property can be, and the mulch can add a decorative touch to a bare or boring front yard. Even a couple of hanging pots of flowers will do.

If you know that the overgrown property around the house makes it look unmaintained and run down, but the house inside is in good condition and a great buy for home buyers, make sure you spend the money and take the time to make the exterior look great. This will increase the value of the property and it will get many more people inside your house for showings, which could lead to more offers and more money with the potential of having multiple offers when you finally sell. Contact a business, such as Prates Tree Service, for more information about improving your curb appeal. 

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