Answering Three Questions You May Have About Removing A Tree From Your Property

The trees around your home can add a natural beauty to your property, but you may eventually need to have one or more of your trees cut down. If you have never needed to have this work done before, this process can seem intimidating. Once you learn the answers to these routine tree removal questions, you should be better prepared for this task.

How Can You Tell If You Need Your Tree Removed?

There can be a number of warning signs that you may need to have your tree cut down. Often, a sickly tree will struggle to grow leaves on many of its branches, and you may notice rot forming throughout the tree. While these issues may indicate that the tree is unhealthy, only an experienced tree care professional will be able to verify whether the tree can be saved or needs to be removed.

Will You Need A Permit?

Due to the risks involved with removing a tree, it can be common for communities to require individuals to obtain permits prior to starting these projects. Failure to obtain a permit for tree removal can result in expensive fines if the project is discovered. Luckily, getting a permit to remove a tree is often fairly simple as you may just need to provide documents showing you own the land and pay a fee.

In addition to potentially needing a permit, you may also need to obtain the permission of your homeowner's association. These associations often have strict rules about what type of property improvements can be done without approval, and failure to get this permission can also result in heavy fines or other actions.

Do Tree Removal Services Always Take Care Of The Stump?

While you may assume that a tree removal service will always handle the stump of the tree, this is not actually the case. To remove a tree stump, these contractors will need to use specialized equipment that can pull the stump and its root system out of the ground or grind the stump as close to the ground as possible. Due to the fact that this task requires special equipment, these services will often charge an additional fee to remove the stump after cutting down the tree.

When a stump is pulled from the soil, it can leave a shockingly large hole in the ground. Some homeowners may neglect to have this hole filled, and this can prove to be a serious mistake. Over time, this hole can contribute to erosion issues and create a standing pool of water that can be ideal for insect breeding. Fortunately, tree removal companies can often fill these holes with topsoil for an additional fee, which can save you from needing to hire a separate contractor for this task. For more tips about removing those problem trees on your property, talk with a company like TimberMen Tree Service.

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