Want To Create Natural Shade For Outdoor Activities? Start Growing Trees

When the heat from the sun can get overwhelming in your backyard, you may start looking for ways to enjoy some relief. A quick and easy solution is to get a gazebo, pergola, or canopy installed. But, you may not be interested in getting shade this way, especially since it has clear limitations. An alternative solution is to use trees to your advantage, which can provide you with a much broader range of shade.

Choose Trees That Keep Their Leaves

If you want to enjoy shade throughout the year, you have to pick evergreen trees. This is not a common feature for highly effective shade trees, but the great part is that there are a few exceptions. The bay laurel thrives in zones 8 through 10 and the Japanese evergreen oak is good for zones 9 to 11. If you do not live in these plant hardiness zones, you will have to make do with a deciduous such as the European black alder. But, these zones have colder winters, so you will most likely appreciate the winter sun.

Avoid Injuries with Mulching

While tree roots are fairly predictable, they can grow above the surface at times. If you are trying to get natural shade to enjoy activities in the backyard, these roots can become a hazard for falling injuries. To prevent you, family, or friends from getting hurt, you should cover the roots with mulch. This method will not cause damage to the roots as they will still be able to breathe. Also, by having mulch covering the roots around the tree, you will create a visual sign that informs people not to walk in the area.

Set Up Drip Irrigation

Water is an important aspect of all tree life, but especially in the first couple of years. Setting up drip irrigation will provide you with an efficient and reliable way of watering trees. You may be able to find general details about how much water each tree needs, but the true needs are variable. So, you should keep an eye on the trees over time to make sure they always get enough water. This will maximize their growth rate and keep the trees healthy, which is an essential part of getting the shade you need.

Shade trees are given their title because they excel at providing shade. So, when you combine shade tree growth with a proper setup in the backyard, you will eventually get to enjoy natural shade. For more information, contact a tree service like R. L. Elliott Enterprises, Inc.

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