How To Prevent Your Trees From Causing Problems During Hurricane Season

If you are worried about a hurricane potentially affecting your area during hurricane season this year, one thing that you need to be looking at and thinking about is your trees. Even though they might be beautiful, your trees can cause a lot of problems during hurricane season. However, taking two steps can help greatly reduce the chance of this happening. This can allow you to focus on other aspects of hurricane preparation.

1. Have Dead or Dangerous Trees Removed Beforehand

First and foremost, you do not want to wait until a hurricane comes along to find out that some of your trees are dead or in bad shape. When the high winds hit during one of these massive storms, you have to worry about them taking down unhealthy trees and causing serious damage and potential harm. A tree could fall on a power line, for example -- in this situation, you have to worry about everything from someone being shocked and injured (or killed) to a tree falling on your home or a neighbor's home, which could cause serious injury or expensive property damage.

Trees that are dead can be more prone to breaking in half, and trees that are tall and exceptionally thin can also be prone to breaking. These trees may need to be removed; if you are unsure, it's smart to talk to a tree removal specialist. He or she can take a look at all of the trees on your property and can let you know which ones might pose a danger to you, your family, your neighbors or others during a major storm.

2. Keep Them Trimmed

On top of getting rid of trees that are dead or otherwise dangerous, you'll also want to pay your healthy trees a little bit of attention before hurricane season. Make sure that they are properly pruned and trimmed before a big storm comes; otherwise, you have to worry about the limbs being too long and scraping against your home or breaking off and causing property damage, particularly if they hit something due to the high winds of a hurricane.

Before a big storm comes your way, it's important to be safe and to have a tree removal specialist come out to take a look at your trees. By taking these two steps, you can help prevent any tree-related issues from being a problem during any serious storms that might strike your area.

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