3 Reasons You Should Remove A Dead Tree From Your Yard As Soon As Possible

Does your yard have a tree that is dying or already dead? If so, you've probably thought about cutting it down at some point, but if you're like most homeowners you might not think it's a major priority. But with that said, having a dead tree in your yard can eventually lead to other problems if the issue is not dealt with. Here are three reasons why you might want to call a professional tree service to get your dead tree removed as soon as possible.

Keep Pests Away

Dead trees can provide the perfect habitat for all kinds of critters that you don't want on your property. Rats, termites and other pests could decide to set up shop in the dead tree. From there, it's probably only a short distance before they start making a move towards your home.

One Dead Tree Can Lead to More Dead Trees

Do you suspect a tree in your yard died because of a disease? If so, other trees in your yard could be in danger, as some tree diseases are contagious. If you have other trees nearby, you'll want to remove the offending tree and make sure the stump and roots are taken out as well. Don't let one dead tree end up causing even more damage to your property.

Safety and Legal Hazard

Even if your dead tree doesn't have a pest or disease problem, it could still pose a safety hazard on your property. A decaying tree will have its internal structure compromised. The next time there's a strong wind or a major storm, your tree or some of its branches could end up falling to the ground. You don't want to risk damage to your house or to a loved one because you didn't call a tree removal service in time. If a tree is located near your property line and topples over into your neighbor's yard, you'll likely be liable for any damages that occur to the neighbor's property.

If you have a dead or dying tree on your property, you should reach out to a local tree removal service as soon as possible. In addition to helping you remove the tree, the company will likely be able to help identify any issues, such as disease, that may have led to the tree's death so that you can prevent this from happening to any other trees on your property.

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