Stray Cats On Your Roof? It's Probably Time To Trim Your Trees

If stray cats use your roof as their favorite place to lounge, you may want to trim the overgrown tree branches close to your house. Cats tend to urinate and spray on almost every surface or object they encounter. The urine contains ammonia and can be harmful or corrosive to surfaces over time. Trimming your trees can help protect your roof and keep the cats at bay. Here's what you do.

Inspect Your Tree Branches

The first thing you can do is inspect the condition of the branches to see if you can trim them yourself, or if you should call a tree trimmer instead. If the branches are located near power lines or electrical wires and components, contact tree service. Electrical shocks can cause great harm to you and anyone in the area.

You also want to make sure that the branches are located low enough for you to reach by foot or with a long trimmer. Although you can climb the roof and access the branches from this point, it may be safer to work from the ground. You don't want to accidentally slip and fall off the roof. Cats may also still be on the roof. You might startle them if you suddenly appear on the roof.

If the branches are safe and low enough to access, you can move forward with the project.

Trim the Branches

You'll need a tree trimming tool, such as a pole saw, for this job. If you don't have one at home, purchase a tool from your local home and gardening store. Next, obtain a pair of gloves made with cloth or vinyl to protect your handles from chafing and blisters, as well as a hard hat to protect your head from falling branches.

Also, block the work area with bright or colorful cones to keep visitors and friends away from the drop zone. Even if the branches appear light, they may actually be quite heavy. Heavy branches can cause head, shoulder, back, and other injuries if they fall and strike someone.

Tree branches should be at least six feet away from roofs, so you may wish to use this measurement when trimming yours. You can cut the largest branches in sections in order to remove them safely. However, you want to avoid cutting too close to the collars of the branches, which can endanger the health and growth of the trees. Collars are the parts of the branches that connect to the trunk or neighboring branches.

For more information, contact Northern Virginia Tree Experts, Inc. or a similar company.

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