Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Wind Storm: 3 Things You Need To Know About Tree Removal

Loose or downed tree limbs are a common problem following a severe wind storm. While you might think you can clean up the mess yourself, you might want to think twice. Downed, loose, and broken tree limbs can be very dangerous—and complicated. So before you break out the chainsaw, keep these three things in mind:

1. Tree Removal Should Be Avoided If Possible

In most situations, removing the entire tree is actually a bad idea. Trees add a lot of value to your property. They are also excellent for the local ecology, which is why it is always better to save the tree. So before you begin cutting the tree down, contact a local tree trimming service. These professionals can often the salvage the tree by pruning it back, which will allow it to remain intact and alive.

2. You Might Need Permission To Remove The Tree

Even if the tree is on your property, you might not be allowed to remove it. In some cities, the tree might not actually belong to you—regardless of its location on your property. In these situations, you will need a permit from the city that states you can have it removed. So before you begin chopping it down, make sure you actually have the right to do.

3. Dealing With Lumber

If you do decide to have the tree removed, you'll likely be responsible for deciding what to do with the stump and leftover lumber. When calling emergency tree services, make sure you ask about any additional costs incurred with dealing with the lumber. Some companies may provide services that will allow you to keep the lumber for firewood. They might also break the wood down with a wood-chipper on-site. As for the stump, some tree services might charge extra to remove it. So it is always good to know how the lumber will be used and if there will be any additional costs associated wit it.

While a severe storm might wreak havoc on your lawn, dealing with the aftermath isn't always easy. When it comes to trees, there may a lot of rules and regulations to wade through before finally clearing the tree from your property. So if you are concerned about a tree on your property, contact an emergency tree like Arborist Services LLC service for help. These professionals can help you understand the local laws, as well as taking care of any damaged trees on your property. 

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