Do Your Fruit Trees Need Pruned Or Trimmed? Understanding The Difference

When you look out your window, do you see perfectly shaped trees that appear healthy and full of life? Are they too close to the house or electrical wires? Are they partially falling down or about to do so? Part of having a beautifully landscaped yard involves pruning and trimming the trees as necessary. Here is a bit of information to help you understand how each task is different and what it means to the trees.


Pruning is done to keep the trees healthy and producing fruit. When they are pruned, dead or diseased branches are removed to keep them from falling and to allow for the nutrients to go to the healthy parts. In addition, buds, fruits, and even roots may be removed to encourage better growth of those that remain. If your trees need pruning, it is best to contact a horticulture specialist as each type of tree has specific pruning requirements for optimum results. Some trees should be pruned so that new growth grows up along a central branch, forming a pyramid shape around the center branch and gaining height. Others require many large branches that extend outward from the main trunk, forming an umbrella shape. If you prune a tree to the wrong shape, you will reduce its production and risk losing it. In addition, a properly pruned tree will be healthier and therefore more beautiful.


Trees are trimmed to reduce danger. While pruning is done to remove dead branches, trimming often removes live ones. This is done when the branch is too close to a power line or a building. Continual growth of the branch will pose a safety hazard or cause damage to a building. This means that having a tree trimmed does not always result in something that is pleasing to look at. However, once trimmed so there is not more danger, you can have the tree pruned to train it to grow in a manner that will prevent future dangers. You may lose out on a good crop for a year or two until the new growth is productive.

If you are unsure of how to trim or prune your fruit trees, it is best to contact a tree servicing company. You do not want to lose your trees because you cut too much off or cut incorrectly. A professional can advise whether to trim or prune and can do the work for you if you like. Contact a local company like Jersey Shore Lawn Care Inc before spring, while the tree is still dormant for the winter and you should be able to enjoy your trees when they come into bloom. You may also be surprised at the amount of fruit that grows to maturity.

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